Before Trump chooses his Cabinet, a look at pop culture's best candidates

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  • President-elect Donald Trump is busy making transition decisions
  • We're looking to pop culture's best offerings for a hypothetical cabinet

(CNN)The big news of the week has been President-elect Donald Trump's transition team. The new administration has to fill thousands of jobs, which is no small feat. While the President-elect is looking to allies and advisers to make top picks for his Cabinet, we decided to look to pop culture to put together the best fictional cabinet books, TV and movies have to offer.

Here are some possible -- fictional -- choices for a cabinet of superstars. For a serious look at the developments of the Trump transition team, keep up with our coverage.

Secretary of State - Phileas Fogg

    Mr. Fogg is the brainchild of Jules Verne and the main character in his book "Around the World in Eighty Days." As secretary of state, Fogg's love of travel and cultural experiences would help him navigate the world of diplomacy. British by birth, Fogg would join a list of famous secretaries of state born outside the United States, including Madeleine Albright and Henry Kissinger.

    Secretary of Health and Human Services - Dr. Doug Ross

    George Clooney isn't a doctor, but he played one on TV. Dr. Ross was one of the most memorable characters on the TV show "ER." He was a pediatrician, and it's always good to hire people who will think of the kids. Plus, doctors are usually reserved for surgeon general, so this would shake up the role a little bit.

    Secretary of Education - Tracy Flick

    Nominating Tracy Flick to the cabinet would be a natural next step for the ambitious and grating teen from the movie "Election." The last scene of the film shows Flick working for a Republican congressman in Washington, so she's already in town. Flick's intense involvement in her high school community and tumultuous bid for student body president show her enthusiasm for the concerns of the youth.

    Treasury Secretary - Scrooge McDuck

    If you can trust anyone with economic policy, it's a duck with a swimming pool/bank vault combo in his mansion. He is literally swimming in money. Sure, he's surly, but so are most middle-aged white men who might also be in consideration. None of them wear top hats, though.

    Secretary of Defense - Captain Steven Hiller

    Captain Hiller is best known for his work literally saving the world from aliens in the movie "Independence Day." Hiller is a military man with the experience needed to run America's massive military operations. Plus he's a team player, willing to work with civilians like David Levinson for the common good.

    Interior Secretary - Cinderella

    Who better to be entrusted with our national land and conservation than someone who talks to animals? Plus we know she can clean up for a state dinner if needed and has charm in spades.

    Secretary of Agriculture - Scarecrow from 'The Wizard of Oz'

    Having hung out in fields for the majority of his existence, Scarecrow must understand the agriculture industry. Since scarecrows themselves are outdated methods of pest deterrence, he's probably in need of a job. Plus, he's got a brand new brain to put to use!

      Attorney General - Elle Woods

      This is the character who famously said of getting into Harvard Law, "What, like it's hard?" Woods graduated from Harvard and came to Washington to lobby for animal rights. A law degree and blonde ambition can get a girl places, and Elle Woods would definitely take a top spot at the Justice Department as an opportunity to prove herself once again. Little girls need role models in government.