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“CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” airs live on CNN and CNNgo Sunday, December 11 at 8p.m. ET

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You can help choose the 10th Anniversary CNN SuperHero

Voting continues into Sunday's CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute

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Voting continues until December 11, 2016, into the live global telecast of CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.

Voting will close at or around 9:30p.m. ET, as announced during the Tribute Show. The 10th Anniversary CNN SuperHero will be revealed during the live show.


Go to to reach our voting page - or click here. There are four ways to vote, all through the voting page:

Email address and/or Facebook ID

  • Click VOTE for your selected Hero, CONFIRM VOTE (check that you’ve read and accept the Voting Disclosures), then choose either your email address or Facebook ID.
  • You may VOTE AGAIN up to 5 times a day!

To vote using both an email address and Facebook, LOG OUT (upper right), then repeat the process, using the other method. You will receive a message when you reach the maximum votes for the day.

Facebook Messenger

  • Click the ‘Message Us’ button.
  • You’ll see a carousel. Scroll to the photo of your hero. Click ‘Vote for .’
  • You may repeat the process up to a maximum of 5 votes.


  • Click ‘Vote on Twitter. Enter your CNN Hero’s name, be sure the message includes the hashtag #CNNSUPERHERO, then tweet it. That’s the only way your tweet will count as a vote.
  • Important: You must use your Hero’s first, last or full name. Tweets that only use your Hero’s Twitter handle or organization name will not be counted.
  • To vote again: Twitter does not permit the identical message to be tweeted more than once a day. Slightly revise your message (as simple as adding an exclamation mark) or be creative and write something new!

NOTE: You will not receive a maximum vote message after 5 tweets. Any additional tweets will not be counted that day.


You can share your vote on both Facebook and Twitter. Remember to include the Hero’s name, the voting page URL ( and, when voting on Twitter, the hashtag #CNNSUPERHERO

Alternate ways to vote

You must go through our voting page to vote with an email address or Facebook ID. That’s not required for the other two methods.

Facebook Messenger

  • Visit the CNN Heroes Facebook page.
  • Click the ‘MESSAGE’ tab.
  • The first time you vote, you’ll see a Welcome Message. Click ‘Get Started.’
  • Type or click the word ‘VOTE.’
  • You will see an image of one of the five past CNN Heroes of the Year. To see all five, simply place your cursor over the image and a “right arrow” ( >) appears. Scroll through the photo carousel until you see the CNN Hero of the Year you want to support, then click to vote. (The first photo is randomly generated and will be different for other users).
  • Follow the instructions above, selecting your Hero, clicking Vote

As with other methods, you may vote through Messenger up to 5 times a day.

NOTE: You will only see the Welcome Screen once. When you return another day, you’ll see the previous days votes. Just keep voting!

You may vote on Messenger both through our Facebook page and our voting page. The 5x/day maximum applies, no matter which way you vote on Messenger.


  • You can vote anytime on Twitter, without going through our voting page. Just follow the instructions above, being sure to include your Hero’s name and the hashtag #CNNSUPERHERO
  • Agin, you must use your Hero’s first, last or full name. Tweets that only use your Hero’s Twitter handle or organization name will not be counted.

Then, be sure to watch as we reveal the 10th Anniversary CNN SuperHero, live, Sunday night, Dec. 11!