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It is a top secret document that is read by the President and his inner circle of security advisers

The PDB is a daily rundown of threats and developments

CNN  — 

President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday received the President’s Daily Brief, the same daily intelligence briefing that President Barack Obama receives.

Trump received the briefing at Trump Tower, sources told CNN. Vice president-elect Mike Pence will receive his first briefing on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., an aide told CNN.

The PDB is a daily rundown of threats and intelligence developments compiles by the national security community. The top secret document is read by the president and his inner circle of security advisers and top White House officials and is often accompanied by an in-person briefing by intelligence officials.

Trump received his first classified national security briefing in August after he became the Republican nominee, and less than a month later, received a second briefing at his request. Despite those briefings, Trump continued to doubt the US intelligence community’s conclusions that Russia orchestrated a series of hacks aimed at Democratic Party officials and organizations in the midst of the US election.

Trump will continue to receive the PDB daily through his presidency.

CNN’s Barbara Starr and Jim Sciutto contributed to this report.