These pics make that Obama-Trump meeting seem a bit less awkward

(CNN)By now we've all seen the photos from the momentous first meeting between now-President Barack Obama and President-in-waiting Donald Trump.

Given that Obama has literally said he thinks Trump is unfit for office and Trump has literally said he thinks Obama is a secret Kenyan fraud, it didn't take too much convincing to assume things would be... weird.
Even though Trump later called Obama a "very good man" and Obama said it was his aim to make sure Trump would be "successful," there were frowns. Frowns all around.
But, if perception is reality, it's also important to know there were, in fact, some light moments as the photos below show.
    Did these two pivotal figures in our nation's history get along for a spell? Was there a juncture of mutual understanding?
    We're not saying there are going to be any beer summits in this pair's future but, at the very least, they made an effort to smile.