Obama Biden memes clean
Joe Biden, President Obama memes take Internet by storm
01:50 - Source: CNN
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It’s a rough time out there for Joe Biden fans, okay? They’re about to see their favorite Uncle-in-Chief shuffle out of the White House to become a Ray Ban spokesman or whatever, so of course they can’t resist some parting shots.

After Trump’s election win, the general cottage industry of goofy Joe Biden memes took on a more pointed theme, namely, whatever irreverent thoughts Biden may be thinking now that his lease in the White House is almost up.

It’s funny, but also a little sad, because clearly Obama/Biden/Clinton fans are taking out their election frustration by concocting what amounts to massively nerdy presidential revenge fan fiction.

There are a certain set of enduring images, usually with Biden looking goofy and Obama looking slightly vexed, upon which these imaginary conversations are projected. (Wow, that was possibly the driest, most stodgy way to describe the concept of a meme ever. Forgiveness, please. It all falls apart if you think about it too much.)

Humor is a powerful tool to remind the bereft that life is without inherent meaning and sometimes imagining the Vice President getting back at political opponents by farting a lot is the only way to answer to the void.

Also, you know, there are only a limited number of days left to celebrate the eight-years-long bromance between the Leader of the Free World and his right hand man.

Don’t cry because it’s (almost) over, Biden fans. Smile because it happened, or at least, you imagined it did.