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Trump administration defends Bannon, promises unity
02:20 - Source: CNN

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Trump transition team spokesman Jason Miller says media is focused on "the issues that divide us"

He told CNN that Steve Bannon will be working closely with Reince Priebus

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Team Trump pivoted to an attack on the media when asked about the controversial move to appoint Steve Bannon as a top adviser to the new President-elect.

“What I think is frustrating is when we see so much news coverage, particularly on this network, unfortunately, on the issues that divide us following the election,” Jason Miller, communications director of Donald Trump’s transition team, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.”

The appointment of Bannon, the brains behind the far-right Breitbart News outlet, has been criticized because of Bannon’s connections to the alt-right movement, which has promoted ideology steeped in white nationalism, misogyny and anti-Semitism. His polarizing persona is a stark contrast to the message of unity that Trump’s team has been promoting since the business mogul defeated Hillary Clinton last week to win the US presidency.

Miller said that recent media coverage has been “irresponsible” and that positive aspects of Trump’s victory are not getting as much attention.

Cuomo countered that even though Trump won, the country remains divided. He wondered aloud how the Bannon hire could be perceived as a nod toward unity.

Miller responded that Cuomo was focused on trying to create further division.

“Not fair. You put Bannon in position, not me,” Cuomo said. “He is seen as the architect of a very effective strategy that Donald Trump used during the election, which you guys now say needs to be left behind. But you’re bringing the architect of it with you.”

Miller said that Bannon did a fantastic job of helping Trump implement his vision, and added that he will be working “hand in glove” with Reince Priebus, Trump’s pick as White House chief of staff and a less controversial choice.

“We’re talking about President-elect Donald Trump,” Miller said. “It’s going to be his vision. It’s going to be his policies. That’s where the focus is. He’s the boss.”