Senator from Nebraska moonlights as Uber driver

US Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) arrives at the Capitol for a cloture vote on the Keystone XL Pipeline January 26, 2015 on Capitol Hill in Washington.

(CNN)Sen. Ben Sasse, a Republican US senator from Nebraska, leaned into his role as a public servant Saturday, when he took some time off to moonlight as a driver for the ride-hailing service, Uber.

A University of Nebraska student who used service took a screenshot of the app as it displayed a familiar-looking driver on the way by the name of "Benjamin."
"Got a ride from @BenSasse #Uber #UberLincoln," Adrian Silva tweeted.
Sasse responded to surprised Twitter users who asked if the tweet was real, replying: "I like to work alongside and for Nebraskans. I drove uber yesterday. (For charity -- I'm obviously not allowed to make any outside money)."
    The senator's gig with Uber was part of a "work tour" he was participating in, his office said in a statement.
      On Monday morning, Sasse shared some colorful lessons he'd picked up from his driving experience.
      "Pro-tip: If you throw up in an uber, the surcharge can be substantial. Upside: It's a market incentive to get drivers to agree to work."