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People are getting behind her message

Orders are pouring in

(CNN) —  

It’s not meant to side with President-elect Donald Trump, nor take a jab at him. It’s not political at all, says Amanda Blanc.

Her sign “Make America Kind Again” is a universal one that anyone can get behind.

And people are.

Since Election Night, the demand for merchandise bearing that slogan has been so great that she’s had to branch out from yard signs into bags, decals and acrylic tumblers for cups.

Blanc, a Sacramento, California, mom thought up the sign about three weeks before Election Night. The idea was to do a play on Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”

“Someone contacted me to create a yard sign after I designed the sign and posted it on Facebook,” Blanc told CNN. “It was supposed to be a small community project.”

Within days, orders poured in.

Blanc thought sales would slump after Tuesday night, but instead, sales are snowballing and “growing exponentially.” She even received an international order.

“I can’t believe someone in Japan wanted to support the message,” said Blanc. “I thought that was incredible.”

The message behind the motto

What’s really reverberating with customers, she says, is the message behind the motto.

“It’s not to support or oppose a candidate. It’s a message that kindness is something we can all agree on,” Blanc said. “It’s not about the winner or loser. It’s about what people of both parties can do to really come together and move forward.”

Blanc plans to grow the business and partner with a non-profit organization geared towards helping children or working against hate crimes. She’s also looking to expand the merchandise to hats and shirts.

“Being kind again is about trying to spread awareness of respecting other people’s views and values. It’s about being respectful and acknowledging that we live in a diverse society,” she said. “It’s okay to be different - that’s what’s great about America. It’s just about respecting everyone’s differences.”