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Rudy Giuliani denied Sunday Russian officials’ claims they’d been in touch with Donald Trump’s campaign, saying he’s aware of no such conversations.

“I know of no such contacts with the Russian government. I was pretty deeply involved in the campaign – I was with Donald Trump day and night for about 100 days, actually,” the former New York City mayor and top Trump adviser told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

“So if that’s going on, it’s going on somewhere that I didn’t see it,” Giuliani said.

However, he said, he wants to grow the military first – going from 420,000 troops to 550,000, as well as 350 ships and 1,200 modern aircraft, with an increase in the Marines from 27 battalions to 36.

“He’s going to negotiate for peace, but with strength – not with a diminishing army,” Giuliani said.