5 things for Friday, November 11: Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Mosul


    Trump and Obama finally meet after years of bad blood


Trump and Obama finally meet after years of bad blood 02:36

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(CNN)Good morning. If you see a veteran today, thank him or her for their service. It's their day. Here's what you need to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Presidential transition

Well, that wasn't so bad was it? President-elect Donald Trump met with President Obama at the White House and it wasn't as awkward as we all dreamed it would be. Trump called Obama "a very good man;" Obama pledged to ensure a successful transition. It was a head-spinning display of civility between two men who just a few days ago were openly mocking each other.

    2. Trump protests

    Protesters against the looming Trump presidency just aren't having it. They hit the streets again with demonstrations and vigils in several US cities, including LA, Philly, Denver and Baltimore. Things were most heated in Portland, Oregon, where people smashed windows, set fires and threw stuff at police, who called the whole thing a riot. Trump tweeted the protesters were "very unfair."

    3. Obamacare

    Donald Trump's election may have given Obamacare an unexpected boost. Enrollment surged the day after the election, with more than 100,000 selecting plans, the busiest day since enrollment began at the start of the month. Trump and the GOP Congress have pledged to repeal Obamacare. Here's how they could do it.

    4. Mosul

    As coalition forces close in on ISIS in Mosul, the terrorists are lashing out. ISIS has been executing civilians accused of being spies for Iraq's security forces and leaving their bodies at intersections. All of the victims have been male and were shot in the head. Since this offensive started, more than 1,200 ISIS militants have been killed, and 10,000 families have been liberated.

    5. Weather

    La Nina's back and, depending on where you live, it may wreck your winter. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, it's going to be wetter and colder. If you live in the Southeast, things are going to be drier and warmer, but that's the worst news possible because the region is suffering through a pretty bad drought.


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