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Michael Moore: Trump's presidency has to be opposed
03:15 - Source: CNN

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Trump's "presidency has to be opposed right now," Michael Moore said

Moore joined anti-Trump protesters following Donald Trump's presidential victory

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Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said Thursday that Donald Trump’s presidency must be opposed.

“The other side needs to be ready to roll right now to do whatever it takes to stop his appointment to the Supreme Court,” Moore told Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight.”

In response to Trump’s victory, tens of thousands of Americans protested in at least 25 US cities to mourn the election results. Moore joined protesters in New York who were demonstrating outside the Trump Tower.

“Literally thousands of people coming down the street and I just joined them,” Moore said. “There’s a lot of fear and a lot of panic amongst a lot of people right now.”

Lemon reminded Moore of his past remarks predicting Trump’s potential success in rust belt states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

“Well, I live in Michigan. And so I know why she’s going there tomorrow,” Moore told Lemon a week before the election.

“She wasn’t supposed to have needed to go there, and – but I think this has always been a lot closer than I think, a lot – I think the Trump vote has always been under counted in these polls.”

Moore said he took no pleasure on accurately predicting Hillary Clinton’s challenges with states like his home state of Michigan.

“I’ve been trying to warn people since the summer, because too many of my fellow Hillary votes were doing the end zone dance on the 50-yard line,” Moore said.

“I would go to parties and people – there was one guy who kicked me out of his house because I said this guy – he had a Donald Trump, you known, Christmas ornament and was making fun of Donald Trump. He said there’s no way, Hillary is going to trounce him. I said, you should never underestimate your opponent, that’s your first mistake.”