Jeb Hensarling would take Donald Trump's call for Treasury secretary

Story highlights

  • The Texas Republican also said he's open to repealing Dodd-Frank financial regulations
  • "We would get rid of the bank bailouts," Jeb Hensarling told CNN

(CNN)Rep. Jeb Hensarling said Friday if Donald Trump wanted to talk to him about being Treasury secretary, he'd take the call.

"I have a great job and the job I've always wanted in Congress. Currently, the phone isn't ringing at my home or office. If it was, I would take the call -- I would certainly have the discussion," the Texas Republican told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "I'm very excited about Donald Trump's economic agenda for America -- fundamental tax reform, getting rid of bank bailouts, getting rid of Dodd-Frank, having better competitive trade deals."
The Trump supporter said the top priorities for him if chosen would be getting rid of Dodd Frank financial regulations and fundamental tax reform. Trump has vowed to get rid of the financial reforms instituted under Obama, which were created after the financial crisis to make banks pass stress tests, hold more cash and abide by new rules to prevent another crisis. Critics charge the regulations are too onerous and bureaucratic.
    "That would get the economy working for working people. It would mean small businesses would thrive," he said. "We would get rid of the bank bailouts."
    "Nothing can say economic growth like fundamental tax reform and repealing and replacing Dodd-Frank," Hensarling added.