Trump broke all the rules

Updated 1:35 PM EST, Wed November 16, 2016

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Michael D'Antonio writes that Trump upset the natural order in American politics by applying an overwhelming amount of self-confidence and dismissing most of those who called for him to act in a more measured way.

Editor’s Note: Michael D’Antonio is the author of the new book, “The Truth About Trump.” The opinions expressed in this commentary are his.

(CNN) —  

Donald Trump broke all the rules of the political world in his quest for the presidency – and won.

Trump began his pursuit of the presidency 19 months ago with a diatribe against undocumented immigrants from Mexico that labeled them murderers and rapists. As more conventional politicians in his own party recoiled, Trump insulted individuals like the much-revered Senator John McCain and whole groups such as all the world’s Muslims. The more that decent women and men – Mitt Romney for one – howled the stronger Trump grew.

Although candidate Trump refused to say he would accept the election’s result, and even suggested his opponent be impeached should she prevail, the country will undoubtedly recognize his victory at the polls.