5 things for Tuesday, November 8: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump


    Scenes from the frenetic final day of campaigning


Scenes from the frenetic final day of campaigning 01:47

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(CNN)Our long national nightmare is almost over - or just beginning, depending on whether your candidate wins or loses. Happy Election Day.

After nearly two years of slogging through campaign hell, Election Day 2016 is here.
So who's going to win this thing?: CNN's Road to 270 has Hillary Clinton with 268 votes, just two shy of what she needs to secure the presidency. That means Donald Trump, who has 204 votes, has to sweep all of the battleground states and snatch away a blue state -- Pennsylvania? Michigan? -- to pull off an epic upset.
    When you're in line to vote: A couple of things to keep in mind
    a) Before you pull out that cell phone and turn the voting booth into a photo booth, remember not every state allows voting selfies.
    b) If you want to pack heat, make sure your state will let you bring your gun to the polling place.
    After you've cast your ballot: Do us a solid and send us a pic of your state's "I voted." sticker. You early voters already have.
    What's the weather forecast?: For most of the country, it'll be sunny and pleasant, so there's no excuse not to get to the polls. A few Midwestern states will get some rain showers and parts of Alaska will get some snow, but really you can't use the weather as an excuse today.
    What should you watch for tonight: Right off the bat Trump's got to win North Carolina and Florida, or this thing will be over quickly. Let's see if the Hispanic surge we saw in early voting continues today. That'll be a good sign for Clinton. But if black voters continue to show less-than enthusiastic support for her, that could doom her in North Carolina. And if there really is a "silent majority" vote out there for Trump, that may be just enough to get him over the hump to 270.
    Where can you follow along with all the excitement: You don't have to be in front of TV to keep up with what happens today. We'll be live streaming on all your devices. We're on all social media platforms. Heck you can even ask Alexa and she'll tell you what we know.
    Any other questions?: This election guide covers everything. When you're done reading it, you'll be a mini pundit.
    May your preferred candidate win.