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A 12-second video making the rounds on social media Tuesday appears to show a voter repeatedly touching a voting machine screen to select Donald Trump, while a red light stays on in the column for Hillary Clinton.

But even as some people claim it’s clear evidence of vote rigging in Pennsylvania, the man who originally posted the video says that’s not what he’s saying.

The video has been shared tens of thousands of times on social media.

The ballot booth video is from @lordaedonis, who was pretty active on Twitter Tuesday, both before and after the video grabbed people’s attention.

“Everybody keep tryna tell me I said the machine was rigged & I never said that, it was just weird how it happened,” he Tweeted.

“I went to vote, and I had heard there was stuff already going on, like problems,” @lordaedonis, who asked to be referred to as Aedonis Bravo, told CNN. “Then when I went in there I hadn’t pressed any buttons proper, and it wouldn’t let me pick Trump.”

Bravo said a polling official at the Dorothy Emanuel Recreation Center in Philadelphia was quickly able to remedy the situation by pressing “two or three buttons” after he asked for assistance. Bravo was then able to complete his vote for Trump.

Bravo didn’t offer an explanation for what might have happened, however election judges in another part of the state told CNN that voters have to unselect a candidate if they first accidentally hit a wrong button.

In the video, the screen’s far left column lists all the offices, with flashing lights for the ones that have yet to be voted upon. There’s a solid red light in the Democratic column in the box for Clinton. A finger jabs repeatedly at the box with Trump’s name to no avail.

Calls to the Philadelphia City Commissioners’ office to inquire about any reports of issues at the polls were not immediately returned.