Koch brothers won't say who they voted for

Trump attacks as rivals court Kochs
Trump attacks as rivals court Kochs


    Trump attacks as rivals court Kochs


Trump attacks as rivals court Kochs 02:52

Story highlights

  • The Kochs have previously assembled strong fundraising networks for Republicans
  • This year, they have not revealed whether they have voted for the GOP candidate

(CNN)Charles and David Koch, who have assembled the most powerful fundraising network in Republican politics, stunned some GOPers this year by not mobilizing their resources to boost Donald Trump.

And now, we've learned it's unclear if they held their nose and voted for him.
"That's a private decision," said James Davis, a Koch spokesman, when asked who the brothers backed on Tuesday.
    The Kochs have been unsparing of the Republican nominee's platform on trade, immigration and criminal justice.
    At one point, Charles Koch suggested that it was "possible" Clinton could be a better president.
    He did though later tell his donors that the idea of him voting for the Democratic nominee was a "blood libel."