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As Donald Trump and his family strode into their assigned polling locales, cameras flashed, and mics were hot.

And as the Republican presidential candidate seemingly shaded in his own name, his eyes wandered, his neck craned, and the Internet took notice.

Standing next to his wife Melania, the real estate mogul couldn’t help but double check that his spouse was using ink to cement support for her husband.

Referring back to the Slovene American former model’s RNC speech, some wondered if Melania Trump was again following a Democratic Party playbook.

Caught peeking at his wife’s ballot, Twitter drew comparisons to everything from school exams to less likely, third party candidates:

Meanwhile, many poked fun at the candidate’s seemingly lack of knowledge or interest in down-ballot politics.

And though questions were raised regarding Trump’s wife’s support, additional camera angles proved that the candidate’s offspring were no doubt inheriting their father’s propensity for peeking.