Indiana Democrats accept fault for misleading voter texts

Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence speaks at a rally on October 25, 2016 in Marietta, Ohio.

Washington (CNN)Indiana Democrats took responsibility Monday for a get-out-the-vote flub that left local officials looking into allegations of voter disenfranchisement.

Officials from Marion County, Indiana, said they were investigating reports of text messages directing voters to the wrong polling location, just the latest voting problem to hit the home state of Donald Trump running mate Mike Pence.
"We are aware of the text messages that have been reported to the clerk's office," said Michael Leffler, spokesman for Marion County prosecutor Terry Curry.
But the Indiana Democratic Party took responsibility for the problem, attributing it to a mismatch in their voter software, according to The Indianapolis Star.
    "The Indiana Democratic Party experienced a data-match error in our get-out-the-vote text message program to Democratic voters," Indiana Democratic Party spokesman Drew Anderson, wrote in an email to the paper. "We believe the error impacted less than 2,000 voters."
    Indiana State Police meanwhile have been investigating allegations of voter fraud by a group registering Democrats in the state, an investigation Gov. Mike Pence has been blasting in a flurry of stops.
    Twitter recently pulled ads that had been directing people to vote by text -- you cannot vote via text message in any state.
    "@mcnees @Support not sure how this got past us. Fixed (and thanks for reporting)" Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted last week.