Meet Sabo, the conservative street artist taking Los Angeles by storm

Updated 6:48 AM ET, Tue November 8, 2016
SABO the unsavory agentSABO the unsavory agent
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The street artist Sabo rose to the national stage with art that often shocks, offends and confronts some of America's most controversial hot-button issues. Here, he poses in front of posters of actress Gwyneth Paltrow represented as an "Obama drone." SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
A poster portrays U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz as the ultimate bad boy, with tattoos and cigarette in his mouth. This image went viral during the 2015 presidential primaries. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
After a progressive group reworked the Cruz poster to one that positively portrayed Hillary Clinton, Sabo made this as a protest. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
A vending machine dispenses fake Trump University diplomas. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
Barbie dolls depict Texas politician Wendy Davis as "Abortion Barbie." Davis held a filibuster in 2013 to block a Texas Senate bill that included restrictions on abortions. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
Donald Trump is portrayed as "il douche," which is a play off "el duce," meaning "the leader." "El duce" was used to describe Italy's Benito Mussolini, who led the National Fascist Party in the early 20th century. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
A portrait depicts Clinton as a Soviet leader. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
A poster of "The Royals" television series, starring Clinton, hangs on a bus stop in Los Angeles. Courtesy Sabo Unsavory Agents
A flying monkey, inspired by the ones that work for the Wicked Witch in "The Wizard of Oz," holds a "Hillary 2016" sign. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
A poster of Clinton as a socialist leader, surrounded by leaders such as President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, former Vice President Al Gore and the Rev. Jesse Jackson. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
This T-shirt was produced after Clinton said that "half" of Trump's supporters fit into a "basket of deplorables." SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
Posters of actor Alec Baldwin and comedian Jon Stewart as "Obama drones." SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
Sabo's logo features Abraham Lincoln with half a skull face. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
A bumper sticker on immigration. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
A poster depicts Obama as Gen. Aladeen, who was played by Sacha Baron Cohen in the comedy film "The Dictator." SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
A bumper sticker responds to Clinton's comments on the alt-right movement. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
A poster of singer Beyonce wearing a burqa. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS
A poster addressing terrorism. SABO/UNSAVORYAGENTS