5 things for Friday, November 4: Mosul, Brexit, Nigeria

mosul khazir camp refugees basu orig vstop _00005611
mosul khazir camp refugees basu orig vstop _00005611


    Thousands displaced by Mosul fighting


Thousands displaced by Mosul fighting 01:02

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(CNN)Good Friday morning. In today's to-do list: Vote, then enjoy the weekend. Here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Mosul

For the first time in two years, Iraqi troops are in Mosul. Exciting, yes, but that just means the truly hard work now begins. Troops are fighting ISIS militants street-to-street, while a rising tide of humanity ebbs east from the city. Already, 18,000 residents have been displaced, and more will in the weeks ahead.

    2. Campaign 2016

    Forget about Florida and Ohio. In 2016, the ultimate swing state is North Carolina. Donald Trump can't get to the White House without its 15 electoral votes. Hillary Clinton's weakness with black voters may doom her there. And of course the latest polls show Clinton and Trump all tied up.

    3. Brexit

    A court threw a big, fat monkey wrench into British plans to leave the EU when it ruled parliament must vote on the process. But wait, didn't the Brits already vote on this? Yep, and that ticks off to no end the people in the Leave camp. Oh, Brexit will still happen but the next few weeks should be interesting.

    4. Nigeria

    Women who had escaped Boko Haram's evil clutches found themselves brutalized again by the very people who are supposed to help them. Nigeria says it's investigating reports that officials raped women and girls at camps for the displaced. And Boko Haram has displaced many: Nearly 2.5 million.

    5. Syria civil war

    Russia says it'll stop shelling Aleppo for 10 hours and open up six humanitarian corridors. Two of them can be used by Syrian rebels -- if they surrender. Residents told CNN they hadn't heard anything about this and are skeptical of Russia's motives.


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