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A car wreck vs. a drunk, wrong-way driver: That’s Mike Huckabee’s take on the election just days before final votes are cast.

The never-shy former Arkansas governor and Donald Trump supporter tweeted Friday a message ultimately in favor of Trump, but with a non-favorable description him and his opponent.

“Trump may be a car wreck, but at least his car is pointed in right direction. Hillary is a drunk-driver going the wrong way on the freeway,” the Republican tweeted.

Huckabee, whose daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders works as an adviser and surrogate to Trump’s campaign, has been a supporter of the Republican presidential nominee since the real estate mogul all but locked up the Republican presidential nomination this spring.

While the former candidate and current Fox News contributor didn’t jump onboard with Trump right after he ended his own campaign, he has been a critic of Republicans who have hesitated to back Trump.

Huckabee criticized the media later Friday for failing to “get” his original tweet.

“Low IQ media don’t get my earlier tweet about car wreck. @realdonaldTrump will bend fenders but is a vehicle going right way,” Huckabee tweeted.