Michael Moore knew the Comey letter would 'depress the Hillary vote'

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  • Moore: Clinton was not supposed to have needed to go to Michigan
  • "I knew this would depress the Hillary vote," Moore said about the Comey letter

(CNN)Filmmaker Michael Moore said Thursday that he knew a letter sent to Congress by FBI Director James Comey would "depress" support for Hillary Clinton at the polls.

The letter disclosed that the FBI had discovered new emails that could be relevant to Clinton's use of a private server while she was secretary of state.
"Nobody was going to switch from Hillary to Trump, but I knew this would depress the Hillary vote," Moore told Don Lemon on "CNN Tonight."
    "They are not going to be as excited as they need to be this week. They are not going to work for her. They are not going to make calls and they are not going to take five people to the polls with them on Election Day. They're just going to show up and vote for her. That's not enough."
    On Monday, Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway indicated that the campaign has set its sights on flipping some blue states to red, specifically Michigan, claiming "it's a state that just does not like Hillary Clinton."
    "I live in Michigan. (Clinton) wasn't supposed to have needed to go there," Moore said.
    "In our primary in March, Hillary was ahead of Bernie (Sanders) by eight to 22 points on the morning of the primary. Twelve hours later, Bernie defeated her."
    Bernie Sanders' primary victory in Michigan placed Clinton on the defense during a time in the campaign that she was poised to dominate.
    A EPIC-MRA poll for Detroit Free Press/WXYZ released in early October found Clinton up 11 points over Trump, 43% to 32% among likely Michigan voters.
    Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson had 10% support and Green Party nominee Jill Stein received 3%. The poll also found that 12% had yet to make up their minds.
    Moore said the vast majority of Americans are liberal and the fact that "we would end up with a president and congress that doesn't represent the majority feeling in this country -- that's a crime in a democracy. We cannot allow that crime to take place."