Chelsea Clinton: Melania Trump wanting to fight cyberbullying 'ironic'

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  • "I did think it was a little ironic," she told Extra TV
  • She says she's still friends with Ivanka Trump

Washington (CNN)Chelsea Clinton called Melania Trump's speech about wanting to stop cyberbullying "a little ironic" given how often her husband Donald Trump uses social media to call out his opponents.

"I did think it was a little ironic," Hillary Clinton's daughter told Extra TV's AJ Calloway. "I do think we all need to pay attention to what some call the 'Trump Effect,' the rise of bullying that is haunting middle school hallways, but also what's happening in high schools and elementary schools ... We absolutely have to pay attention."
On Thursday, Melania Trump, in her first speech on the 2016 trail, said she'd work to improve a social media culture that she said has gotten "too mean and too tough" if she became first lady.
    Chelsea Clinton also commented on the state of her friendship with Ivanka Trump, saying they're still friends.
    "She is someone I am really grateful to call my friend," she told Extra TV. "It is clear we have different views on what the right answer is for our country and I'm going to everything I can to keep making the case for my mom till the polls close."
    Chelsea Clinton isn't the first of her family to weigh in on Melania Trump's speech; he father, former President Bill Clinton, said he felt "bad" for Melania Trump after her speech.
    "I thought, yeah, especially if it's done at 3:00 in the morning against a former Miss Universe by a guy running for president," Bill Clinton said earlier on Friday, referencing Trump's Twitter rants against former MIss Universe winner Alicia Machado.