Keep your heads up, Cleveland Indians fans

Pop the champagne: Cubs celebrate World Series win
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    Pop the champagne: Cubs celebrate World Series win


Pop the champagne: Cubs celebrate World Series win 01:30

(CNN)Losing a 3-1 World Series lead is tough.

By tough, we mean really, really tough -- especially when the Chicago Cubs are already rubbing the collapse in your face.
But, Cleveland fans, you rallied behind the Indians. You did, in fact, #RallyTogether.
So keep your heads up. After all, it's been a pretty good year for Believeland. Here's why.

    You've got the Cavs

    Earlier this year, the Cavs made a miraculous comeback to win a NBA title after being down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors.
    Unlike the past few years, Cleveland's had plenty to cheer for in 2016 -- just ask Cavs stars Lebron James and JR Smith.

    You finally got to see 'Wild Thing' in the flesh

    Yes, Charlie Sheen made an appearance as Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn -- his infamous character from the movie Minor League -- at Progressive Field tonight.

    You still rock

    Once Indians players clear out of Progressive Field's locker room, there's plenty else to take pride in including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Just make sure that "W" flag stays down for good.

    You survived 2016... almost

    The Cavs. The RNC. The World Series. It's been a crazy year, Cleveland...even if the Browns don't win a game.
    Just four NFL games and 58 days to go.

    You don't jump on the bandwagon

    You're not fair-weather fans. You'll back next year. See you then, Tribe.