5 things for Thursday, November 3: World Series, polling, Mosul

2016 world series recap scholes sot_00002007
2016 world series recap scholes sot_00002007


    Pop the champagne: Cubs celebrate World Series win


Pop the champagne: Cubs celebrate World Series win 01:30

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(CNN)Good morning. It's Thursday, aka The Best Day Ever for Cubs fans. Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. World Series

This is history, pure and simple, and you don't need to be a baseball fan to appreciate it. The Chicago Cubs finally broke the dreaded billy goat curse and won its first World Series in more than a century. Fans everywhere are delirious with delicious joy. As for Cleveland, hey, it still has LeBron.

    2. Campaign 2016

    Five days to go and the race is getting tighter and tighter. New polls show Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton neck-and-neck in New Hampshire and Colorado. Florida's tied up too (of course). But, as CNN's Richard Greene explores, can the polls be wrong? (Exhibit A: Brexit)

    3. Black church burned

    Police are investigating multiple motives after a 111-year-old black church in Greenville, Mississippi, was burned and the words "Vote Trump" painted on its wall. The city had another racial incident back in September when someone painted the N-word on its boat ramp.

    4. Mosul

    ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, whom we haven't heard from in almost a year, has resurfaced with an audio pep talk of sorts for the 5,000 fighters holed up in Mosul. Might not do them much good because Iraqi forces are closing in. Of course, the message has its usual threats to the rest of the civilized world.

    5. Iowa police shooting

    Cops have a suspect in the ambush killing of two Iowa officers - but not a motive. At least none they're releasing. The suspect, Scott Michael Green, is no stranger to police. They asked him to leave a high school football game a few weeks ago for waving a Confederate flag.


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