First lady gets 'Barefoot' with Ina Garten

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  • First Lady Michelle Obama chatted with "Barefoot Contessa" chef Ina Garten
  • The Food Network star began her career at the White House

(CNN)When First Lady Michelle Obama leaves the White House in January, she's looking for an invite from the Hamptons' most famous hostess.

In a chat with "Barefoot Contessa" chef Ina Garten, Obama said when her husband's term ends, "I'm going to come and eat at your house."
The discussion between the two women in the White House State Dining Room is set to air this weekend on Garten's Food Network program. After chatting about the first lady's garden on the South Lawn, the pair enjoyed a vegetable tart made with the plot's harvest, served on the Obamas' signature china plates.
    "We're going to miss you deeply," Garten told the first lady. "You've inspired girls all over the world, including me."
    The Food Network star, known for her casual but refined approach to cooking and entertaining, began her career at the White House, moving her way up from an assistant to a budget analyst working on nuclear policy.
    But, as she writes in her new book "Cooking for Jeffrey," her real passion was refining her cooking skills and hosting friends for dinner parties on the weekends.
    On the program featuring the first lady, Garten also judges a cooking contest at the Washington bureau of The New York Times and cooks with Elsa Walsh, an author and the wife of Watergate journalist Bob Woodward.
    The show airs this weekend on the Food Network.