02:24 - Source: CNN
Trump deputy campaign manager reacts to Clinton ad
CNN —  

In a tense exchange on CNN’s “The Lead” on Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump’s deputy campaign manager David Bossie told Jake Tapper “there’s not one shred of evidence” to support the allegations of sexual assault against the Republican nominee.

Bossie dismissed the several women who have gone on the record accusing Trump of sexual misconduct. “Mr. Trump has said its not true and its as simple as that,” he said.

“I don’t understand,” said Tapper. “When you say ‘not one shred of evidence,’ somebody’s firsthand, on the record, named account and contemporaneous accounts of their friends and family. That’s not evidence?”

Bossie replied, blaming the the Democratic establishment for the allegations.

“Jake, not one person has come forward as a witness to anything other than people who were put up by Gloria Allred, and the DNC and the Clinton campaign,” said Bossie. “We dismiss all of it.”

Tapper, seeming puzzled, pressed on.

“Except they are just describing what Donald Trump says on that tape is his behavior. Its his own words. No?”