5 things for Wednesday, November 2: MH370, Colonial pipeline, World Series


    MH370 victims remembered in Malaysia


MH370 victims remembered in Malaysia 02:10

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(CNN)Happy Wednesday. Just think, this time next week, we'll be done with this crazy election. (We hope!). Here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. MH370

Those theories that the pilot deliberately flew Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 into the ocean? Toss them away. A new report provides the clearest picture yet of one of aviation's greatest mysteries. It says the plane was plummeting toward the sea with no one in control when it made its last satellite communication. It may have been falling at a rate of 25,000 feet per minute!

    2. Campaign 2016

    Sorry, Hillary Clinton. The FBI's looked several times for any connection between Russia and the Trump campaign - and found nothing. More bad news for the Dems: Fewer African-Americans have cast early votes than they did in 2012 in key battleground states like North Carolina.

    3. Mosul

    In the fight to reclaim Mosul, nature has handed an unusual advantage to ISIS: a sandstorm. Already, Iraqi forces are less familiar with the terrain of the city, and the reduced visibility isn't helping. Once they enter the city, there's another worry: human shields - thousands of them.

    4. Colonial pipeline

    Yep, just as we thought, gas prices have already started to rise after the Colonial Pipeline rupture. Gasoline futures spiked as much as 16 cents a gallon, so a hike at the pump is almost a certainty. The good news: The pain is temporary. The pipeline should be up and running next week.

    5. World Series

    Is there anything better in sports than a Game 7? The Cubs slammed the Indians 9-3 to set up tonight's winner-take-all. The Indians haven't won this thing since '48, but the Cubbies haven't been World Series champs since '08. That's 1908, so they're probably the nation's sentimental favorites.


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