Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook: 'We just want fairness' from FBI

Robby Mook calls for fair treatment from the FBI
Robby Mook calls for fair treatment from the FBI


    Robby Mook calls for fair treatment from the FBI


Robby Mook calls for fair treatment from the FBI 00:57

Story highlights

  • FBI Director James Comey knew Republicans would leak that letter, Robby Mook said
  • "We didn't cause this problem. James Comey opened this door," campaign manager said

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton's campaign continued to call out the FBI Tuesday for the announcement last week that the agency is reviewing emails related to the former secretary of state's private server, with Clinton's campaign manager saying they simply want to be treated fairly.

"We just want fairness. (Comey) thought it was perfectly fine for the FBI to send a letter to Capitol Hill about information they had never looked at and say, 'Hey, we have some information, Republican Chairmen,'" Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook told CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day." "He knew they would leak that letter. He knew there would be false headlines."
The FBI director sent a letter to Congress Friday saying the agency was reviewing newly discovered "pertinent" emails to see if any of the them would be relevant to an investigation Clinton's use of a private email server.
    Mook said that the FBI is quick to publicize investigations linked to Clinton but has been silent about investigations into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.
    "Director Comey felt it was incumbent upon him to announce that the FBI had some information he'd never even looked at, but they won't reveal connections to Russia," he said.
    "We're told they're investigating one of Trump's former campaign managers," Mook added. "We're told that they're investigating a gentleman that Trump himself said was one of his foreign policy advisers for meeting with sanctioned officials in Russia."
    Mook both on Tuesday and during a call with reporters Monday pounced on reports from CNBC and Huffington Post that Comey argued privately against naming Russia as the state actor carrying out hacks on Democratic officials, citing the election as well as other stories about Trump's alleged ties to Russia.
    CNN reporters have no sources corroborating the story and the FBI has declined to comment. CNN has also reached out to the Trump campaign for comment and not yet gotten a response.
    The Clinton campaign said they simply want Comey and the FBI to end this "double standard" when it comes to the Clinton campaign.
    "Every time people asked questions about investigations pertaining to Donald Trump, they are tight lipped and silent," Mook added. "We didn't cause this problem. James Comey opened this door and we're just asking for him to make this right and treat everybody the same."
    Trump supporter Rep. Chris Collins responded to Mook's calls for fairness immediately following Mook's appearance, telling CNN's Alisyn Camerota that "Democrats are living in a cesspool" so they're "deflecting" criticism.
    "The irony is it's their bad behavior that is coming forward and now they're beside themselves because America knows they're a bunch of cheats and liars," the New York Republican congressman said.