From Snickers to Pat Benatar: A rabbit convention in Oregon

Published 8:28 PM ET, Sun October 30, 2016
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Peyton Brackenbury, a 12-year-old from Richland, Washington, holds a French Lop rabbit at a national convention held by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Katya Rezvaya
Bill Nelson, of Burbank, South Dakota, holds a Polish rabbit. Polish rabbits are one of the smallest rabbit breeds. Katya Rezvaya
Kaytlyn Starmer and her Holland Lop rabbit Henry are from Fresno, California. She has been raising rabbits since 2012. "At one of the shows, the cage got opened and all four rabbits ran out," she told photographer Katya Rezvaya. "I started to cry as I thought I was never going to catch them. And as I'm crying and going to get my mother, all four rabbits just started to follow me. They followed me like I was their mom." Katya Rezvaya
Daniel and Susan Hathaway, of Bandon, Oregon, hold their rabbits Defiance and Enterprise. The rabbits are Flemish Giants, one of the largest rabbit breeds. Katya Rezvaya
Masako Miyazaki is from Japan. She is holding Sarah, a 4-month-old Holland Lop rabbit. She told Rezvaya she had about 100 rabbits of five different breeds. Katya Rezvaya
Rob Fender, a breeder from Julian, California, holds three Californian rabbits. He names all of his rabbits with numbers. Katya Rezvaya
Leo Lucey and Captain Adorable, a Mini Rex rabbit, are from Granite Falls, Washington. Katya Rezvaya
Calvin Dow, of Orting, Washington, has 60 rabbits in his family. Katya Rezvaya
Shannon Shanks, of Banks, Oregon, holds her Angora rabbit Austin. She chooses rabbit names after American cities. Austin's mom was named Dallas. Katya Rezvaya
Marcus Rhoden, of Chesaning, Michigan, holds his English Angora named Felicia. Katya Rezvaya
Tommy Bentley and his Dwarf Hotot rabbit Ozwald are from Camas, Washington. Ozwald is a grandson of rabbits called Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. "I always give names to my rabbits," he told Rezvaya. "Some people don't think about them like pets. But for me they are like family. And I know they always love you back." Katya Rezvaya
Jerry Fisher, of Martinton, Illinois, named his Champagne D'Argent rabbit after the singer Pat Benatar. Katya Rezvaya
Virginia Anderson, a 10-year-old from Dallas, Oregon, holds Romeo, a Black Otter Rex rabbit. Katya Rezvaya