You may think you're some kind of Halloween pumpkin champion, but you're not. These engineers at NASA have got you beat.
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Oh, you won your neighborhood’s pumpkin carving contest by making one look that looks Donald Trump and sticking a candle in it?

That’s cute.

If that’s all you got, you better stay in the neighborhood. Don’t even think about taking those skills out to the big leagues, like the annual pumpkin carving contest put on by engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

These guys and girls are doing next level stuff.

Aaron Yazzie, a mechanical engineer there, showed off all of the awesomeness on Twitter.

Like the one cut up into a carousel:

Or the one that plays a game of Pac-Man:

Or the one that features samples from Mars:

Or the one you can barbecue on:

Or the one that’s at the center of a black hole:

And since this is 2016, of course at least one had to feature The Donald and Hillary:

These folks must’ve ruled their middle school science fairs.

Yazzie said he couldn’t participate this year because he was in the middle of testing for some project he was working on. Hey, somebody had to keep up the work of putting stuff in space.