Kris Tompkins: 'Fighter by trade,' wild at heart

Story highlights

  • Ex-CEO of outdoor clothing company Patagonia is a respected conservationist
  • Bought land in South America with late husband, Doug to preserve habitats

(CNN)It is a landscape that inspires awe in those who explore its vast and varied wildernesses but few people have been quite so devoted to Patagonia as Kris Tompkins.

For nearly 25 years, Tompkins and her late husband, Doug, have worked to protect in excess of 2.2 million acres of land creating national parks across Chile and Argentina.
"Between our family foundations we concentrated on land conservation, land restoration, species restoration and re-wilding, which has become a major part of our work," Tompkins tells CNN.
    It's not just the scale of their conservation efforts that impresses, it's the variety --