Vine's mobile application allows users to edit and share six-second videos.

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Vine will be discontinuing its mobile app within the next few months

CNN's social team members pick their Top 15 favorite Vines of all time

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Thursday afternoon, Vine shared some news that shook the entire online universe.

In the coming months, Vine will be discontinuing its mobile app, which had allowed people to share six-second videos. Twitter, which owns Vine, will be shutting the service down after its slow growth in comparison with competition such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Why Twitter failed with Vine

To celebrate Vine’s creativity and mourn its untimely demise, CNN’s social team members picked 15 of their favorite Vines of all time.

Most of the time, the app was known for its absurdity.

Other times for more direct forms of humor.

Which could be slightly dangerous.

Or simply cringe-worthy.

Viners shared a love for wordplay.

Animals even got in on the action.

Pop culture was often mimicked.

Oftentimes, the app captured the most newsworthy moments as they happened.

Some were pretty embarrassing.

While others were just plain cute.

Or adorable.

Vine often riffed on popular songs.

Frequently in unexpected ways.

Even established comedians couldn’t withstand the app’s appeal.

A few celebrities made quite the resurgence.

For now, both the app and the website are still up.

Watch your favorite Vines while you still can!