Norman Lear created TV's Archie Bunker -- who he says is often compared to Donald Trump.
CNN  — 

Legendary TV producer Norman Lear who is known for being the creator of politically incorrect characters like Archie Bunker in “All in the Family” said Wednesday he thinks Donald Trump is the “middle finger of the American right hand.”

“I think the American people who care for Trump are fed up with our leadership,” Lear told Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight.”

Lear’s iconic 1970s character, Archibald “Archie” Bunker played by Carroll O’Connor, drew laughs by playing on bigotry – and his relationship with his liberal son-in-law. Lear told Lemon that many people have made comparisons between the Republican nominee and Bunker, citing Trump’s controversial comments on race, immigration and women.

“I don’t know where love exists in what I see of Donald Trump,” Lear said. “I knew where it existed in Archie Bunker and the American people found it. That’s why they cared for him, despite how he talked. He wasn’t a hater. He was somebody who was afraid of progress.”

Proof of America’s fondness with what many described as a ‘beloved bigot’ was in the ratings. “All in the Family” held the top TV spot for five straight seasons.

Lemon asked Lear if he thought the fictional character would have voted for Trump.

“I think that would’ve been a really great episode,” Lear said. “I think he would have walked out of the door to go to the voting booth and you would not know exactly – you would have reason to be very unsure.”