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Clinton campaign announces Election Day bash will be at NY's Javits Center

Donald Trump mentioned in his book that the he wanted to build the center

CNN —  

Hillary Clinton has spoken about breaking through the glass ceiling all campaign long, so it’s no wonder why she chose a glass convention center for her election night party.

The Democratic presidential nominee’s staff announced Wednesday that the event will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.

Most of the Javits Center is built with glass, from top to bottom.

Many people took to social media to make references about the symbolism of the venue.

“The place where Hillary will figuratively shatter the glass ceiling will literally have a glass ceiling. Hope no one confuses the two,” posted one user.

But there is one little twist in the choice of building.

Repubilcan opponent Donald Trump says he wanted to be part of the development of the Javits Center. But the city and state decided to oversee the project, according to his book “The Art of the Deal.”

He writes in length about how he disapproves of the choices of the architect and that his offer of help was refused.

Former President Bill Clinton plays with balloons at the end of Democratic convention.

“What happened at that convention center is that the city and state took a great piece of property and a great project and ruined it through terrible planning and ridiculous cost overruns,” reads his book.

Time will tell whether his female foe will break through the glass ceiling, but one thing is for sure – Clinton’s campaign will need to have tons of balloons on hand if she is the winner of the November 8 vote.

Former President Bill Clinton never looked happier than the final night of the Democratic National Convention, when a cloud of balloons dropped from the ceiling.