Biographer: Interviews showed Trump to be 'calmer, more sincere'


    Newly released interview audio shows new side of Trump


Newly released interview audio shows new side of Trump 04:21

Story highlights

  • Michael D'Antonio is the author of "The Truth About Trump"
  • He said he liked Turmp "when he's quieter like that."

(CNN)Over the course of several hours worth of personal and candid conversations with Donald Trump, author Michael D'Antonio said Wednesday that he saw a very a different person than the one who galvanized supporters and stoked controversy throughout the presidential campaign.

"In public, he only has one speed," D'Antonio said Wednesday on CNN's "New Day." "And it's at bombast and aggression."
D'Antonio, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, spent considerable time interviewing the Republican presidential nominee in 2014, material he later used in a biography titled, "The Truth About Trump," which he also discussed with CNN over the summer.
Those interviews, D'Antonio said Wednesday, reveal "a calmer, more sincere, reflective person."
"I was actually quite moved by him near the end of this process," D'Antonio said. "He would be the guy that the public should see actually."
"You know, it's funny," he added, "I like him when he's quieter like that."
D'Antonio shared the original audio and transcripts from those interviews with New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro, who reported on them this week.
In the recordings, Trump can be heard talking about his obsession with celebrity and fear of public humiliation. D'Antonio believes the most revealing moment came when Trump said he avoids self-reflection.
"I don't like to analyze myself," Trump said in the tapes, "because I might not like what I see."