Camera captures kid breaking all the rules in the middle of the night

Uh oh.

(CNN)Burning the midnight oil and breaking all the rules.

That's what a security camera captured a pretty rambunctious 6-year-old doing in the living room of his Florida home last week.
"Apparently he got up in the middle of the night," his mother Becci Wray told CNN, "And started doing all the things he isn't supposed to do."
    Jumping on the new couch? Check.
    Climbing on the countertops? Check.
    Cartwheels in the living room? BY THE TV? Double check.
    "My husband is an internet security guy, and he was trying out some different cameras," Wray said.
    "So he had this camera set up in the living room for months."
    And like many things we put in our homes — they forgot it was there.
    That was until...
    Cody, Becci, Austin and... Dylan.
    They noticed the camera was unplugged.
    Dylan Wray was caught.
    "He's definitely a force to be reckoned with," his mother Becci Wray told CNN.
    A cute one, at that. But did Dylan get in trouble?
      "He got a stern talking to," Wray said. "He knows better."
      In the unedited version of the video, Dylan gives us one last gift: This epic selfie.