French presidential candidate mocked for pain au chocolat price gaffe

Jean-Francois Cope said he stopped eating pain au chocolat because he was watching his weight.

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  • The French pastry can cost anywhere from $1
  • Users mocked the politician on social media for the gaffe

(CNN)In another case of a politician not knowing the price of an everyday item, French presidential candidate Jean-Francois Cope has said he has "no idea" how much a pain au chocolat costs.

When asked during a radio interview with Europe 1 on Monday if he knew the price of the famous French pastry, the lawmaker guessed they would be between 10 and 15 euro cents ($0.11-$0.16).
Candidate for the right-wing Les Republicains party, Jean-Francois Cope, said he had "no idea" how much the French pastry cost.
"I have no clue, I have no idea ... maybe 10-15 cents?" Cope said during the interview.
    The chocolate treat actually sells for over $1.
    Many users took to social media to mock the candidate for his answer with the hashtag #PainAuChocolat.
    "Brexit strikes again -- my English #PainAuChocolat (is) already 10-15 times more expensive than France. Disgrace," James Funnell tweeted.