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Campaign manager Robby Mook says Clinton met 'the highest ethical standards'

He defended the Clinton Foundation against pay-to-play accusations

Washington CNN —  

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager denied Sunday Republican charges of ethical concerns over the Clinton Foundation and Democratic activists’ actions at Donald Trump rallies.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” Robby Mook addressed questions over a hacked email that revealed the king of Morocco agreed to host a Clinton Global Initiative event and contribute $12 million – if Clinton attended.

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“There isn’t anything new here,” Mook said, noting that the former secretary of state didn’t attend the summit – though Bill and Chelsea Clinton did.

“This was an illegally stolen email put out there by the Russians because they want the election to be about this,” Mook said. He said Clinton met “the highest ethical standards” as secretary of state and as a New York senator.

“There’s never been any evidence of any pay-to-play at all,” Mook said.

Tapper also pressed him on videos released by the right-wing group Project Veritas – which has a history of releasing selectively edited videos – that features a Democratic operative describing baiting Trump supporters into conflict at Trump rallies.

“This was, again, a video that was leaked out for the purpose of damaging the campaign,” Mook said. “It is edited so we don’t know what the full context is. And there is no evidence whatsoever that we have been able to find that anyone ever did anything like this when they were working for the (Democratic National Committee).”