What's streaming in November

Updated 6:30 PM ET, Mon October 31, 2016
The Crown Netflix 1020The Crown Netflix 1020
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November is the month of Thanksgiving and there is plenty to be thankful for in terms of streaming content. Season 1 of "The Crown" debuts on Netflix and tells the tale of the early years of Queen Elizabeth and the royal family. Here's what else the month has to offer: Alex Bailey/Netflix
"Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life" Season 1: Fans cannot wait for the revival of "Gilmore Girls," which made the early 2000s worth living. It's been anticipated for months. (Netflix) Saeed Adyani/Netflix
"The Divergent Series: Allegiant": Based on the final book in the "Divergent" trilogy for young adults, the film stars Theo James, Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley. (HBO Now) From Lionsgate
"Lovesick" Season 2: A man has to contact all of his former partners after he discovers he has contracted an STD. It's a comedy, so as you can imagine, there are hijinks. (Netflix) Neil Davidson/Netflix
"Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60": The former "SNL" star makes quite the impression (and impressions) as he returns to his standup roots in this special. (Netflix) C Flanigan/WireImage/Getty
"Good Will Hunting": How do you like them apples? Matt Damon (here with co-star Robin Williams) and Ben Affleck won a screenwriting Academy Award for this film about a Boston bad boy who comes to terms with himself. (Hulu) Miramax Pictures
"The African Queen": Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn star in this classic film which won Bogart his only Academy Award, for best actor. (Netflix) United Artists
"True Memoirs of an International Assassin": Kevin James stars as an author who gets thrust into the world of espionage in this action comedy. (Netflix) Matt Kennedy/Netflix
"Dances with Wolves": Kevin Costner both directed and starred in this historical drama that won the Oscar for best picture. (Hulu) MGM
"Michael Che Matters": "SNL's" "Weekend Update" co-anchor Michael Che gets his own standup special. (Netflix) Mike Pont/Getty Images
"Boyhood": It took more than a decade to film this 2014 coming of age drama indie which became a darling during awards season. (Netflix) Courtesy Sundance Institute
"Get Shorty": This crime thriller comedy is based on the Elmore Leonard novel of the same name and stars John Travolta. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) MGM
"The Jungle Book": Technology helped to update this classic kid's tale about man-cub Mowgli and his animal friends. (Netflix) Disney
"Paddington": A young bear is taken in by a family as he tries to make a life for himself in London, in this adaptation of a popular children's book. (Netflix) StudioCanal
"Fatal Attraction": A husband gets more than he bargained for when he has an fling with an unstable woman. This film starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close "won't be ignored." (Hulu) Paramount Pictures
"The Royals" Season 2: It's no holds barred for the fictitious royal family at the center of this series. (Amazon Prime) Lionsgate
"The Night Manager" Season 1: There's plenty of intrigue when a hotel manager is recruited to infiltrate an arms dealer's crew. (Amazon Prime) Des Willie//The Ink Factory/AMC
"Barbershop": Rapper/actor Ice Cube (in red) heads up the cast of this comedy about the characters in a barbershop on the South Side of Chicago. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) Tracy Bennett/MGM
"Addams Family Values": The spooky family tries to save their uncle from his new love, whom they suspect is a gold digger. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) Paramount Pictures
"Hitman": Agent 47 has the tables turned on him as he becomes engulfed in a political conspiracy, in this action drama based on a video-game series. (HBO Now) Twentieth Century Fox
"Rocky": Sylvester Stallone found fame in his breakout role as Rocky Balboa, a boxer with a dream and the drive to become a champion. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc
"Close to the Enemy" : An all-star cast including Jim Sturgess, Alfred Molina and Angela Bassett appear in this lavish British drama set in a bomb-damaged London hotel during the aftermath of WWII. (Acorn TV) Acorn TV
"Octopussy": James Bond must take on an international jewel smuggling ring, in this film starring Roger Moore. (Amazon Prime) MGM
"Bratz: The Movie": The cartoon characters and dolls got a 2007 live action film about a group of high schools BFFs. (Hulu) Lions Gate
"Legally Blonde": Elle Woods turns tragedy into triumph when getting jilted leads her to law school, in the film which has since spurred a Broadway musical. (Amazon Prime) MGM
"Major League": The Cleveland Indians get a fictionalized season in this comedy with two sequels. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) Mirage Enterprises
"Terms of Endearment": Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger and Jack Nicholson star in this emotional drama about a mother and daughter who don't share the healthiest of relationships. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) Paramount Pictures/Moviepix/Getty Images
"Showgirls": Die-hard fans will argue it's so bad it's good. The film about a tough-as-nails showgirl trying to make it in Vegas won a slew of Golden Raspberry Awards, including worst picture, and is now a cult classic. (Hulu) United Artists/Twentieth Century Fox
"Spaceballs": Science fiction films are parodied in this 1987 comedy co-written by the legendary Mel Brooks. (Hulu) MGM
"Charlie's Angels": Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore gave the world a big screen version of the popular 1970s series about a trio of women private investigators. ( Hulu) Global Entertainment Productions GmbH & Co
"Top Chef" Season 13: The judges and contestants continue to keep it delicious with Bravo's popular cooking competition. (Hulu) BRAVO
"Fargo": Yah, you betcha! Frances McDormand scored an Academy Award for her role as a pregnant police chief on the hunt for some killers in this dark dramedy. (Hulu) MGM
"Happily N' Ever After": Fairy tales by Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen get an animated twist in this film. (Hulu) Lions Gate
"Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice": Two iconic superheroes face off in this DC Comics film that left some fans torn between whether it was epic or ewwww. (HBO Now) Warner Bros. Entertainment
"Minority Report": Future murderers are nabbed before they can commit their crimes in this sci-fi drama starring Tom Cruise. (HBO Now) From Twentieth Century Fox
"Miracle on 34th Street": It's not the Christmas season until this holiday classic about a man who claims to be Santa Claus makes the rounds. (HBO Now) 20th Century Fox