The Ally pennies are hidden in plain sight in public places.
CNN  — 

If you spot a penny on the ground during your walk today, you may want to stop and pick it up.

No, seriously that little sliver of copper could be worth a whole grand – if it’s an Ally Lucky Penny.

Online bank Ally has created 100 “pennies” that are each worth $1,000. The pennies are hidden in plain sight in 10 cities: New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Miami, Denver, San Diego, Detroit, Charlotte and Austin, Texas.

If you think you’ve found one, go to and enter the code on the back of the penny.

Ally has been giving out hints too on its social media feeds, like this one for San Diego, which indicates the penny might be near one of the city’s landmarks.

This nationwide treasure hunt will last until the end of the year.