Clinton mocks Trump over Al Smith dinner

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  • The Clinton campaign took to Twitter Friday afternoon to slip in one last insult
  • The two faced off twice this past week

Washington (CNN)Apparently the Clinton camp didn't get all their jokes in on Thursday night.

Friday afternoon, following a night of comedic -- and at times biting -- back and forth between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Clinton campaign took to Twitter to slip in one last insult.
It all began when Trump tweeted on Friday morning: "The results are in on the final debate and it is almost unanimous, I WON! Thank you, these are very exciting times."
    Not long after, Clinton's campaign, quoting Trump's tweet, wrote: "Where was this kind of comedy last night?"
    It's unclear which results Trump was referring to, though he has in the past cited unscientific online polls as proof of his success in previous debates. A CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers had Clinton winning the debate 52% to 39%.
    The two faced off twice this past week -- once on the debate stage in Las Vegas and again on Thursday night for the Al Smith charity dinner in New York.
    The dinner, traditionally the last time the two major party candidates share a stage before the election, typically features good-natured ribbing between the candidates but usually includes warm-hearted remarks. This year, however, featured no such good wishes between Trump and Clinton, and Trump's comments -- at one point he said Clinton "hates" Catholics -- occasionally generated boos from the audience.