Clinton, Trump get the Weird Al auto-tune treatment

See 'SNL' spoof awkward debate moments
See 'SNL' spoof awkward debate moments


    See 'SNL' spoof awkward debate moments


See 'SNL' spoof awkward debate moments 02:25

Story highlights

  • Clinton and Trump both got the auto-tune treatment in a new music video spoofing the presidential debate
  • The video, titled "Bad Hombres, Nasty Women," refers to the name-calling flung from both sides during the final debate

(CNN)With its relentless jabs and seemingly unyielding barrage of insults, the presidential race has seen its fair share of comic renditions.

But now, the election is being sung to a different tune.
The third presidential debate got an auto-tuned take in a recent music video from comedian "Weird Al" Yankovic out Thursday.
    Titled "Bad Hombres, Nasty Women" -- an homage to the name-calling flung from both sides during the final presidential debate -- the three-minute remix features the entertainer as the debate moderator, flanked with hooded men to each side, as the candidates respond in song.
    In the video, Yankovic asks Clinton and Trump about Russia, Supreme Court appointments and the possibility rigged elections systems.
    At the end, Yankovic dances among his shadowy backup dancers, flailing his arms in front of a fiery background, reminding viewers that there are just under two weeks to go until Election Day.
    This isn't the first time the race to the White House has been immortalized in comedy: late night programs like Saturday Night Live have focused much of their recent programming on the presidential candidates.
    Thursday evening's Al Smith dinner also showcased a different side for each candidate -- though it could be said that both lobbed cloaked insults rather than employing the typical light-hearted and self-deprecating humor that is traditional of the event.