Matthew Broderick is with her, and her

(CNN)Matthew Broderick is with her.

The actor told CNN that the idea that Donald Trump, or anyone, could think Hillary Clinton is not physically fit enough to be president is "insane."
"I thought watching her [at the debate], she is so super bright and knowledgeable, does her homework," he said at the New York premiere of the play "The Front Page" on Thursday. "To say she doesn't have the energy is insane...that debate could still be going and she'd be fine."
    Broderick and his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, took part in Harvey Weinstein's star-studded fundraiser for Clinton Monday night in New York. The couple both performed songs from their Broadway musical roles of the past. And when asked about his wife's current role on the new HBO show "Divorce," Broderick couldn't help but light up.