Trump daughter-in-law: GOP candidate has 'always championed women'

Donald Trump discusses women's allegations against him
Donald Trump discusses women's allegations against him


    Donald Trump discusses women's allegations against him


Donald Trump discusses women's allegations against him 02:24

Story highlights

  • Donald Trump's daughter-in-law came to his defense, calling him a champion of women
  • This comes after several leaked tapes of the GOP presidential candidate making lewd comments

(CNN)Under fire for recent troubling comments about women, Donald Trump is being defended by a woman who claims to know him very well: his daughter-in-law.

Speaking to CNN's Brooke Baldwin Thursday, Lara Trump -- married to the GOP presidential candidate's second eldest son, Eric Trump -- said her father-in-law has always been respectful of women, even hiring more female than male executives to his Trump Organization.
"This is a man who has always championed women," Lara Trump said. "I know that there is another narrative that people suggest out there but that's why (I) decided (I) wanted to come out to speak on behalf of this man."
    But some who had previously been hired by Trump tell a different story.
    Ex-Trump executive Barbara Res told CNN in March that her former employer was a "very angry man," staunchly adding that she saw Trump as "a blatant sexist" and would not be voting for him come November.
    Lara Trump added her father-in-law deflects attacks as he sees fit, no matter the gender of the individual at the receiving end.
    During his final presidential debate appearance, Trump called opponent Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" during a heated back-and-forth just minutes after proclaiming himself a champion for gender equality and women's rights.
    For Trump's daughter-in-law, however, the race to the White House -- albeit hectic and fraught with controversy -- has allowed the Trump family to come together.
    "One of the best things about this process, as nasty as it has been, is that it has brought us closer together as a family," Lara Trump said. "I'm really grateful for that, it's been great."