Piecing together the debate, based only on GIFs

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  • Try to figure out what happened at the third debate based on these GIFs

(CNN)Note: If you want a legitimate recap of our debate coverage, please look back at our live blog. It's got everything you need to know about the candidates' debates on abortion, immigration, foreign policy, him calling her a "nasty woman," not pledging to respect the election outcome and her saying he'd be Putin's "puppet."

So you didn't watch the final debate. That's fine! Like most people, you've probably made up your mind already, anyway. We're 26 debates into this election season, people. But as American citizens, it's probably your civic duty to try to figure out what happened in the simplest way possible. Right? But as phone-addicted Americans, you probably watch without the sound.
So, using only on GIFs created by the debate watchers at CNN Politics, let's try to piece together the major moments of the night. Like a Rorschach test or the movie "The Hangover," but with GIFs.
    This woman realized all of her friends flaked on her and was thinking, "Is everyone hanging out without me?"
    Did they not shake hands again? Are everyone's grandmothers rolling in their graves? It's edgy when you do it one time, guys. After that, it's just rude. What kind of etiquette example are you setting for the children?
    This micro-expression here says that maybe Trump realized he may not have turned off his oven before leaving Trump Tower. It happens to all of us, Mr. Trump. And how many times is it actually true?
    Clearly here Trump was taking a break from all the pressure of the debate to tell a very funny joke, probably about a rabbi, a priest and a minister walking into a bar. Hillary Clinton at least pretended to like it. Looks like the tone of this debate is looking up!
    Clinton got to tell a joke too! And look at that polite chuckle, as if Trump is saying, "Oh, you."
    Trump's conversation with Dr. Oz about his health clearly scared him straight. Not even a debate could stop him from getting at least somewhat close to the eight recommended glasses of daily water intake.
    Oh no. Did things get boring? Clinton is making the "meeting face." It's the face you make in meetings. Because meetings are the worst. Worse than sitting through 26 debates like many Americans did over the course of this campaign season.
    What appears to have happened here is that Clinton spotted someone she knew in the crowd. Maybe it was that woman from the first GIF! Did we just solve a mystery? Good going, guys.
    The debates were finally over. Trump was happy, and he knew it. So there was only one thing to do.
    Go and read some actual recaps and see what people are saying on CNN so you can really get informed. It's the last time you're going to have to do this for four years, America. You did it!
    CNN's Alexander Lee contributed to this report.