Cher on her signature tweets and returning to the stage



    Cher on her signature tweets and returning to the stage


Cher on her signature tweets and returning to the stage 03:23

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  • Cher is starting a concert residency in Las Vegas next year
  • The Grammy winner joked about her use of emojis on Twitter

(CNN)Cher tweets exactly what's on her mind and she's not sorry.

"Sometimes I'm just dumb and say ridiculous things and sometimes I'm quite proud of the things that I say," Cher told HLN's Michaela Pereira. "I throw punctuation up in the air and hope it lands someplace."
To Cher's more than 3.4 million Twitter followers, she's become somewhat of a political analyst during this election season. The Grammy-winner has made no secret that she's voting for Hillary Clinton, with her ALL CAPS tweets and her frequent use of the toilet emoji when referencing Trump.
    Despite what she calls her occasional social media "rants," Cher draws the line at a certain curse word.
    "The 'F-word' has to go in the closet," Cher said. "The 'F-word' is always going to the corner and sometimes the corner in the closet."
    Cher, who turned 70 in May, said she's surprised she hasn't lost her ability to captivate an audience.
    "It surprises me that [my voice] it's still there. It's like I feel like I'm starting to become Tony Bennett," she joked. "It's awful."
    But the singer said she's dedicated to making her music -- even her oldest hits -- feel current. Still performing more than half a century after starting her career, Cher will kick off a residency at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas in February.
    "There's nothing worse than going to see somebody that you love and then they don't do their songs," she said. "I understand the artist wants to do new things but I also understand that when you go to see someone that you really like, the reason that you really like them is because you really like the songs."
    In life, on social media and in concert, Cher seems guided by one simple motto.
    "You've got to try to find the fresh," she said.