5 things for Wednesday, October 19: WikiLeaks, Mosul, Saudi Arabia


    WikiLeaks hacks raise new questions about Clinton


WikiLeaks hacks raise new questions about Clinton 02:49

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(CNN)Good morning. The big news today is, of course, the final showdown. But there are a few other things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. WikiLeaks

Careful, guarded and calculating. Those descriptions of Hillary Clinton apply to her campaign too. They once took 12 hours to argue over a single tweet! That's among the many things we're learning from the hacked emails. Another headache for Clinton: An edited video suggests one of her operatives was trying to incite violence at Trump rallies.

    2. Ecuador

    Is Julian Assange beginning to wear out his welcome in Ecuador's London embassy? The country cut off his Internet access, just as WikiLeaks dumps hacked Clinton campaign emails almost on a daily basis. Ecuador said the restriction is temporary (perhaps until after the election?).

    3. Mosul

    The all-out offensive to retake Mosul is still going, but now we're told the Iraqi city may not be free from ISIS' clutches for two months! More than 1 million residents are still trapped there. Here are six who bravely spoke to CNN about what they fear most.

    4. Saudi Arabia

    Something really rare just happened in Saudi Arabia. A member of the royal family, Prince Turki bin Saud bin Al-Kabeer, was executed for shooting a man to death in a "quarrel." The last time a prince was executed was 41 years ago -- for assassinating the king.

    5. Cold case

    Someone in the Minnesota town of Magnolia could be a killer. But the 200 residents there will have to wait until Friday to find out. For now, all cops are saying is they've arrested a 61-year-old Magnolia man in a 25-year-old case. The whodunit has cranked up the rumor mill into overdrive in this small town.


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