Nigel Farage to Donald Trump: Focus on issues at debate

Story highlights

  • Farage led the effort behind the United Kingdom's June exit from the EU
  • He called Clinton the epitome of an establishment out of touch with public opinion

(CNN)The man behind the charge to get the United Kingdom to leave the EU said Donald Trump should focus on the core issues affecting the American people during his final debate instead of the lurid accounts dominating the race in recent days.

"I think whether it's Washington or Brussels or London, what we've seen over the last 25 years is an emergence of a political class that is out of touch with mainstream public opinion," Nigel Farage, a vocal Trump supporter, told CNN's Brooke Baldwin. "Hillary (Clinton) is the epitome of that establishment."
Farage led the effort behind the United Kingdom's exit from the EU, decided by a June referendum, a political movement that has been compared to Trump's rise because of its focus on trade policy and immigration.
    Farage told Baldwin that on the day of the vote, some opinion polls had put the "leave" campaign nearly 10 points behind its opposition, yet the results indicated otherwise.
    He added that while polls show Clinton's lead widening over the GOP candidate, voters -- especially newly registered ones -- might be withholding their true intentions to pollsters but will act on their consciences in the privacy of the voting booth.
    "Maybe also people aren't telling pollsters the truth," Farage said. "Thinking, I don't want to tell a pollster I'm voting for Trump, but in private, that's how I feel and that's what I'm going to do."