Anderson Cooper presses Trump campaign manager on falling poll numbers

Trump campaign manager Kellaynne conway anderson cooper rigged_00000418
Trump campaign manager Kellaynne conway anderson cooper rigged_00000418


    Conway defends Trump's 'rigged' claims


Conway defends Trump's 'rigged' claims 01:24

(CNN)Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night questioned Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on why the Republican nominee continues to struggle in the polls -- despite the litany of flaws the Trump campaign and surrogates claim Hillary Clinton has.

Citing a comment from earlier in the day from the chair of the pro-Trump Great America Pac, Ed Rollins, that it would take "a miracle at this point" for Trump to win, Cooper wondered why Trump's support was not stronger.
"Why can't your candidate defeat somebody who you're saying is not a very good candidate?" Cooper asked Conway on CNN's "AC360."
Conway responded by listing a number of advantages she says Clinton has that she claimed have buoyed her support.
    "She has so many advantages," Conway said. "She has endless money, she has a lot of the media. She has a very popular president and first lady out there campaigning for her.
    "I'm mystified as to why she can't get to those 52, 53 percent numbers in some of these states, given the disadvantages we're handed every day," Conway added.
    According to the most recent CNN Poll of Polls released Monday, Clinton is leading Trump by eight points among likely voters.